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Wrapping and Packaging

Wrapping and Packaging

Versatility of products and formats for different sectors: dry goods, food for animals, chemical fertilisers, salt, chemical products, substrata and compost … adapting to the specific needs of our clients for both products and machinery.

  • FFS tube

    Large extrusion capacity for the manufacturing of tubes for FFS bag packaging. Wide availability of different widths/gussets and developments. Wide variety of own formulations to achieve rapid and efficient adaptation to the packaging machine. Flexibility of formats and printing up to 3+3 colors. Possibility of including embossing to improve load stability and micro and macro perforated options for special applications.

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  • Dispensing Film - Laminates

    High availability of options for optimum packaging. Possibility of multicolor or transparent coextrusions. Own formulations designed for welding under the harshest conditions in both humid and dusty environments. On-line printing up to 3+3 and in flexographic printing up to 10 inks. Maximum ink protection from external agents and possible rubbing during handling, and the possibility of high gloss by means of using varnishes or by means of the counter-gluing.

    Development and availability of the GPT (Gloss Protection Technology), preserving the printed surface from humidity, dust, and abrasion by the setting of a varnish electronically over the printed surface  that not only protects but also has an intense gloss and perfect finishing.

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  • Bag

    Wide variety and availability of polyethylene and PP bags laminated with BOPP. A multitude of models: Asplablock, Open Mouth, Valve. Printed in various different colours with the possibility of flexigraphic printing up to 10 colours. Embossed to improve load stability. A multitude of different measurements and developments. 

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  • Big Bag

    Also known as FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container). These are large flexible containers for storing and transporting goods. They are designed to hold between 500 and 2000 kg and are manufactured from polypropylene woven raffia in higher grammages than those used for bags.

    Once they are full no additional packaging is necessary and they can be handled and transported both by using their handles and on pallets.

    They are currently used on practically all markets (industry, agriculture, and food); they greatly facilitate loading and transporting merchandise.

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A wide range of films for all kinds of applications

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The Armando Alvarez Group of Companies is currently the largest Spanish converter of plastic polyethylene film..

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A universe of solutions

Our long experience in working with the top companies in each sector allows us to adapt and create tailor-made solutions. What do you need?

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