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Palletisation and Packaging

Palletisation and Packaging

Durable products that protect the goods during transport and facilitate storage, giving maximum stability to the cargo.

  • Stretch Film

    Specialists in top of the range film, particularly demanding in values of elongation, mechanical resistance, and clamping force; for all our ranges we provide  tailored made  products with constant quality that remains unchanged throughout its service life.

    Wide range of products after specification parameters of: thickness, width, color, slip, inner-outer tacking, heavy-duty tacking…

    Development  in specific technical sectors, such as OXO-BIODEGRADABLE film and ANTICORROSIVE film.

  • Tube and Shrink Film

    High resistance and clamping force for the pallet packaging, and the protection and stability of its load. Wide variety of formulations characteristic of standard and non-fusion material, capable of adapting to all kinds of wrapping installations. Possibility of on-line printing of up to 3 colours

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  • Stretch tubing

    Developments with high resistance and clamping force that allow stable palletising to avoid the application of heat. Energy saving and a considerable reduction in the consumption of materials. Protection of the 5 sides of the pallet. Thicknesses from 60µ, either natural or colored. High transparency. Possibility of printing up to 3 inks to allow their identification and personalisation and improving their positioning on the market.

    Wide variety of formulations that allow the quick and efficient adjustment of the palletising machine to give great stability during transport and high resistance to punching.

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  • Covers and sheets

    Made-to-measure solutions. Diversity of models, dimensions, and resistance. Transparent or colour. Possibility of printing. Presented on a spool for automatic installations, pre-cut or cut individually for all kinds of products, containers, or pallets.

    Possibility of Mono and Bi-orientated covers with wrapping properties. 

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A wide range of films for all kinds of applications

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The Armando Alvarez Group of Companies is currently the largest Spanish converter of plastic polyethylene film..

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A universe of solutions

Our long experience in working with the top companies in each sector allows us to adapt and create tailor-made solutions. What do you need?

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