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Cast PP Film

Cast PP Film

We produce CPP (Cast Polypropilene) in 3 and 5 layers with thickneesses from 15 to 150 at a maximum width of 3 metres. The main applications for those filmes are: standard lamination, bags, DVD’s cases, peelables, antifog, sterilizing films…

Our know-how let us give tailor-made solutions for our customer on demand.

  • DVD Film/Folders

    The CPP films are used in several office stationery.

    The CPP has taken over from PVC for applications as folders, album pictures, labeling … were we offer flat and rough films.

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  • Laminated Film

    Lamination process is to stick two plastic films through an adhesive. There are many different film structures using CPP as an alternative due to its gloss, barrier and optical advantages over PE. The most common structures for CPP are in lamination with BOPP, PET or PA.

    Lamination films can be additivated for antifog, UV or metallization.

    AA Group is able to offer those films as transparent (natural), white or matt; from 15 microns up to 300 microns, peelables or low temperature welding.

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  • Bread Bag Film (Film for bread wicketed bags)

    CPP film has experienced a big growth in the last years for several applications (textile bag, wicketed bags …) consequence of a combination of good optical and mechanical properties as an alternative for LDPE or BOPP.

    CPP has replaced PVC in other many applications.

    Armando Alvarez Group manufactures many different CPP films as low temperature resistance films (frozen food) or films for sterilizations in natural, white matt, metallized, antifog, etc.

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  • Other applications

    The Armando Alvarez Group has developed several films for paperlike, twist films, films for tray lids, films for packing flowers, film for envelop windows, etc

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  • Horticulture and Vegetables film

    We produce films for flowers packing or lettuce, broccoli, fresh salad packing from 15 microns, films with outstanding resistance at low temperatures.

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  • Sterilizing Film

    Armando Alvarez Group produces different film for medical, food, pet food applications where those films are submitted to different sterilizations procedures and they are presented as natural, white or blue tinted films.

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A wide range of films for all kinds of applications

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The Armando Alvarez Group of Companies is currently the largest Spanish converter of plastic polyethylene film..

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A universe of solutions

Our long experience in working with the top companies in each sector allows us to adapt and create tailor-made solutions. What do you need?

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