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Blow Moulding

Blow Moulding

Manufactured in high-density - high molecular weight (HD-HMWP).  Resistant to most chemical products

We use the most modern equipment to achieve excellent resistance and quality.

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  • Cosmetics and personal care

    We use the most advanced technology collaborating in new developments. 

    Manufactured in the latest materials developed in PE and PP

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  • Jerrycans

    Wide range of stackable and non-stackable containers of up to 30 litres.  For lubricants, detergents, fertilisers, food and other products.

    UN approved for product density up to 1.9 Kg/dm3

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  • Industrial drums

    Specially designed for food sectors and for any type of chemical products.  We have a great variety from 30 to 450 litres in tight head drums for liquids and open head drums for solid products.

    UN approved for transporting of dangerous materials

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  • Multilayer drums

    We manufacture multi-layer containers up to 7 layers being one of this a barrier layer, polyamide or EVOH that allows:

    • To avoid product's migration
    • To resist to solvents and gas
    • To prevent he oxygen penetration
    • To assure the barrier continuity in any part of the container.
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The most modern technology at your service

See Armando Alvarez corporate video

The Armando Alvarez Group of Companies is currently the largest Spanish converter of plastic polyethylene film..

Get to know us Location See corporate video Grupo Armando Alvarez Armando Alvarez apuesta por ti. Unete a nuestro equipo.

A universe of solutions

Our long experience in working with the top companies in each sector allows us to adapt and create tailor-made solutions. What do you need?

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