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Personal Care

Personal Care

Clearly orientated  towards the hygiene sector and totally aware of its high demands, the GAA develops and manufactures films and bags  that meet our clients’s  specifications. Technical requirements as a support for top quality products; demand and maximum quality as a member of the sales unit and as a marketing factor; and mechanical properties, as an element of part of the productive process, it is all that contributed by our products so as to satisfy our clients' needs.

The GAA seeks close collaboration with them, which today allows it to be the leader in this sector.

  • Baby Care

    Know-how in the developing of formulations, high capacity for high-definition printing with Flexo technology of up to 10 colours, and the availability of a large welding capacity  based on the most modern technology and machinery allows the GAA to provide diaper bags of the highest quality for packaging babies' nappies. Wide availability of different pre-cuts and handles. Maximum availability for thicknesses and measures. Perfect finishing for its use and demanding  palletizing for its transport and conservation.

    The baby bags developed by the GAA are of the highest quality in all senses.

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  • Feminine Hygiene

    The criticality and high standards of this bag allow the GAA to be a leader in its development and marketing. The R+D carried out in recent years together with available technology and close collaboration with our clients allow us to produce bags of low thickness and great resistance; with a multitude of finishes in matt, glossy, paper, &hellip format;. ; with the possibility of different handles; different pre-cut and punching options. Availability of great productive capacity and perfect packaging and palletising.

    Feminine hygiene bags reflect the know-how and technology available in our group.

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  • Incontinence

    With similar features to the baby bags, but designed for a sector with very different peculiarities, the GAA develops diaper bags for incontinence nappies with the possibility of large sizes and low thicknesses. All this with a full resistance guarantee and with a wide availability of different pre-cuts and handles.

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  • Tissue

    Characterised by the use of different polymers (polypropylene, medium density polyethylene films with a thickness down to 25µ) and with  higher demands  in the finishing and handle of the film, the GAA is the European provider for the major clients in this sector. Huge experience in the printing of film for small development handkerchiefs. Formulations to cover any need. Heptachromie printing is possible. Huge capacity for coextrusion and printing, and highly specialised in machines and personnel.

    Also for this sector the GAA manufactures and markets wicketed bags with the special features of the product but meeting the requirements of this market.

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A wide range of films for all kinds of applications

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The Armando Alvarez Group of Companies is currently the largest Spanish converter of plastic polyethylene film..

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