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Armando Alvarez Group and the Environment

Armando Alvarez Group, is the largest plastics converter in Spain. We are committed to our promise to improve the environment and to optimize the consumption of natural resources. As such we continuously work to develop new techniques and applications to minimize waste during our production process, enhancing its recyclability and/or its value.


One of our fundamental principles is our environmental commitment in all the links of the value chain in the production of plastic materials and our service offering in this regard.


In accordance with this promise, Armando Alvarez Group fully embraces and supports EU, National and regional legislative proposals concerning waste management, reusability, recycling and energy recovery.


In accordance with the legislative principles regarding environmental matters, Armando Alvarez Group actively uses Management Integration Systems to ensure the adequate treatment of the plastic residues from packaging and wrapping that are currently in the market.


All of this is the basis of a strategy of optimization of resources that is a part of an integrated focus for the global management of residues within the organization.


Policy and Objectives

Armando Alvarez Group (GAA) recognises the Environment as a priority within our activities, fully assuming our responsibilities in an organized and sustainable manner.


GAA promotes continuous improvement in processes, products and services, evaluating beforehand the environmental impact of any new development and implementing technologies for the reduction of pollution to minimise the impact to the surroundings of factory plants and offices, with a policy of open communication keeping all interested parties regularly informed about our results.


The GAA promotes the development and deployment of the necessary tools to improve the product and/or the offered service with the goal of minimizing the number of non compliant development activities detected in the GAA.


Our Mission

The industrial activity and the services offered by the GAA are directed towards a development that is in accordance with environmental sustainability and business ethics.


Sustainable commitment

GAA, as the basis of our Environmental principle, has the commitment to meet the relevant laws, rules and regulations as well as any other requirement subscribed to by the organization. In other words, the company will ensure that it complies with the applicable current and future legislation, implementing strategic corporate decisions regarding the environment in the medium and long term.

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The Armando Alvarez Group of Companies is currently the largest Spanish converter of plastic polyethylene film..

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